Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week at a Glance April 18-22

Students will be getting their 50 states study guide on Monday. The final test over the 50 states will be May 20th. There are extra copies of the study guide on Edmodo.

Last Friday the kids had a check point for their websites for the research paper. We spent a significant amount of time analyzing websites for scope, accuracy, authority, and primary source. The kids know how to select a "good" source.

The next item due is their questions for research. They are due on Tuesday. Then, we will be working on researching those questions and summarizing, quoting, and paraphrasing the information on notecards.

Chapter 10 Social Studies test  will be April 25th. We will complete the study guide this week. It is a short test, make sure to use the study guide to prepare.

ISTEP will be long this week. The individual tests are quiet lengthly. PLEASE, PLEASE, attendance is really important this week! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week at a Glance April 4-8th

We will begin our math unit on measurement this week. I have IXL lessons for the kids to practice these skills at home.

The Western States study guide will go home tomorrow. Test is April 15th. Then the 50 states study guide will come home. Test will be in the middle of May. There are a lot of state games on the internet. I have some posted on this blog.

Our Human Body system research paper will begin tomorrow. The main thing to focus on if you are helping your child at home is to ask:
 What does the body system do?
 How does it function in the body?
 What types of diseases could happen in the body system?
There is a button on this blog that will help with guidelines.

We will begin by talking about what websites are dependable , questions to be answered, and paraphrasing information.

Social Studies: The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Three Branches of Government. Please make sure that your child has a notebook to take notes and complete and interactive journal. Most kids already have a Social Studies Notebook.

The kids are really excited about Literature Circles:
We have been going over procedures to make it a successful journey.

Reminder: The Challenger Field Trip is on Friday, please make sure your child has a sack lunch.