What does Guided Reading look like in our classroom? 

Well,  this year I have 6 reading groups. I meet with each group at least twice a week, if not three times a week for 20 minutes each.
The students bring their response journal and their independent reading book with them to group. I have a nice selection of books that I use for each groups' reading level.

This is what a group session looks like:

  • First, we take a "book walk" through the book. Students make predictions, look at illustrations, and use their background knowledge to make sense of the book. Then, I assign the pages to read. All of the students whisper read so that I can hear them, but I will focus on one or two students per day to really focus on. While listening to them, I guide them with vocabulary, mispronounced words, and any confusion they might have with the text. If a student finishes early they will then read their independent book to themselves. 
  • When everyone finishes the section of reading, then the students open their response journals. They are then given a higher order thinking question. (I have already read the book Prior to the lesson and generated questions by using Bloom's Taxonomy of Higher Order Thinking to formulate questions) I guide the students by talking about the question and how we will answer the question by pulling part of the question into our answer. When the students think they have the answer they write it down. Then, they share with each other. I then guide the students to support or prove their answer with proof from the text. This forces students to look back into the text to make sure their answer is correct. We then discuss it as a group. This part of Guided Reading in particularly challenging to students, sometimes they get a little frustrated, but with each lesson I see progression with students. :)
  • While I am working with groups, students are reading their independent books at their desks. There is always a goal to meet for the days reading. The goals are formulated from our Common Core Standards and are posted on our Goals and Objectives board. I give a mini lesson an a task for the students to work on. Also, the students are responsible for turning in a letter to me about their book every other week. Each student is assigned a day to turn in their letter.
  • The letters consist of a 5-6 sentence summary of their book and choosing 3 higher order thinking questions from a list to apply to their book. It is a lot of analysis and synthesizing of what the students are reading. I grade these letters and give the students feedback on their letters. 

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